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Always exciting getting this! 
Posted (2015-07-29)

Cars are fun, aren't they? Well they are... when you're not worrying about them breaking down. The time has finally come for me to get a new car, which is very exciting. The fresh, clean smell… the new gadgets you get to play with… The reliability… But more ...

Play Ball!!! 
Posted (2015-04-06)

The Jays started their season this afternoon in New York against the Yankees. Do you think they’ll make the playoffs this time? What?...too early to say?? Tell me you haven't thought about it… just a little… I mean, they haven’t made it that far for 20+ years ...
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Born 2 Rock in the USA 
Posted (2014-04-03)

“Born 2 Rock in the USA”… can you think of a better name for a concert featuring 3 rockin’ tributes to John Cougar Mellencamp, Bruce Springsteen and Stevie Nicks?  Didn’t think so. I grew up listening to Mellencamp, The Boss and Fleetwood Mac, so when I heard ...
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Nicole from Collingwood
Can't wait! This is going to ROCK!!
Jocelyn Martin from Collingwood
Woot woot! I'm pumped! I'll be in the front row...dancing in the dark ;)
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You just can't laugh any harder! 
Posted (2014-03-10)

The one and only, and hilarious, Yuk Yuk’s is back! The last time I went to Yuk Yuk’s was in Toronto, and let me just say… it was AWESOME! I can honestly say I couldn’t stop laughing. Every comedian that got on stage, had me rolling in the aisles. I think they ...

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